Eksistensialisme Budaya Dan Sikap Adaptif Penyuluh Agama Hindu Dalam Pembinaan Pendidikan Di Pasraman Lombok Barat

  • I Nyoman Sueca
Keywords: eksistensialism extension Hindu culture in coaching education


One of the position of Hindu religious instructor (penyuluh agama Hindu) is to give educational guidance to pasraman that exist in West Lombok,  the students are expected to follow the material presented by both the instructor as coaches and teachers who are assigned by the instructor to help the smoothnest of the process of education in pasraman. So the results are students expected to its students can provide hope in the future.

The method used in this study is descriptive qualitative method that is by involving religious leaders and community leaders, in order to influence each other in the process of education education guidance, so get maximum results in accordance with the expectations of the local community. This study was designed and prepared in such a manner, and supported by observation, interviews, and documentation, in which the development of Hindu religious education by religious instructor, not all pasraman community can create of positive relationships, including the increase in the maturation of the student through the development of religious education.

The findings in this study indicate that the existentialism of culture and adaptive attitude of religious instructor  in coaching guidance at pasraman in West Lombok has been well prepared, so that all the components are there, can be used to advance each pasraman through guidance from religious instructor. In real terms, this finding can be concluded, with the existence of culture and adaptive attitude of instructor  in coaching education in pasraman is very meaningful to the mental development of the students who have followed education in pasraman. Results showed that the instructor can move the students to fulfill their obligations in accordance with each obligation respectively. Relations between people and instructor demonstrates a very prominent family. The presence of instructor to conduct training on proper pasraman terjawal at the time. Although the findings concluded that, all citizens of pasraman have shown significant progress, but subsequent findings still want better and perfect results, by doing repetitive research, so the result can be beneficial and felt for all  managers in the coaching field education by extension workers.

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