Efektifitas Pendidikan Pasraman Chatra Vidya Dharma Di Kabupaten Sumbawa Barat Dalam Meningkatkan Pemahaman Sradha Dan Bhakti Peserta Didik

  • I Ketut Sukasana
Keywords: Activity of pasraman, Effectiveness, Improvement of Sradha and Bhakti


The teachings of Sanatana Dharma (Hindu) is a major source of philosophical seeds that philosophy and science are immense, but unfortunately still poorly understood even by followers of this Hindu. Hindu educational institution based in Indonesia still. Important aligned to societal institutions which has encouraged efforts called Hindus progress in its environment, so the harder studying religion, especially regarding tattwa (philosophy) so that Hindus can participate and contribute positively to nation building in the practice of everyday life.

Pasraman Chatra Vidya Dharma in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara Province, was established to participate in providing religious education for students who have not learned the lesson of Hinduism. Teaching and learning activities in pasraman Chatra Vidya Dharma West Sumbawa Regency is carried out in several locations as a base Hindus, namely learning activities at Banjar Budhi Sari Village  of Kokarlian District of Poto Tano, at Banjar Yadnya Sari Village  of Kokarlian District of Poto Tano,  District of Taliwang and Maluk, and at Banjar Sari Mertha Aik Kangkung Village District of Sekongkang District of Sekongkang.

Learning activities and religious education organized by pasraman Chatra Vidya Dharma KSB is effective in instilling the understanding of  Hindu religious teachings. Students who have not previously memorized Puja Tri Sandya, Panca Sembah, and now most of students can memorize them. And also in improving the understanding of Panca Sradha and Panca Yadnya, and activities of pasraman can increase the confidence of students in the teachings of Hinduism Tattwa, so that activities of pasraman can increase student’s sradha and bhakti.