Pengembangan Aktivitas Pembelajaran Agama Hindu Berbasis Pendidikan Karakter di Sekolah Dasar di Kabupaten Buleleng

  • I Gede Harja Subrata
Keywords: Teaching and Learning Activities, Character Based Learning


The study was a research and development study which aimed at developing teaching and learning activities of Hinduism subject in elementary school. It aimed at identifying appropriate standard competencies, basic competencies, theme and subtheme, method and approches of teaching and types of assessments that were suitable to develop in character based Hinduism subject. 

The research method used in this research was R & D method. In this study, survey was done first to identify the problems until revision process. The data in survey process were gained from observation, quissioner, and interview. The development of conceptual method was validated by experts who have background in education, culture, and the development of character based education. The data were analyzed descriptively by explaining the real finding.

The result of this study was the development of valid and effective teaching and learning activities for Hinduism subject since the activities. By inserting character based activities in Hinduism subject could help the students to develop their character earlier. The teaching and learning activities were designed to develop the character of the primary students in Hinduism subject in Buleleng district. The result of this study were the teaching approach which inserting the character values which help to develop the character and personality of the students earlier. This also stimulates students to be actively involved in teaching and learning process. It gives benefits to the students in cultivating values, moral reasoning, analyzing values, and understading spritual culture.